Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friday, July 8th

We are starting to fall behind. We will need to pick up the pace, so we are prepared for the district assessment. I will be giving all the students a parent letter on the 7th. It has all my contact information. It took me a day longer than I wanted to get this to all the parents.

Here are the videos to watch to be prepared for class on July 8th.

Day 5 – July 8 – Friday – Chapter 4 – An Introduction to Functions

4.6 Formalizing Relations and Functions
Intro to Functions
Intro to Domain & Range

4.7 Sequences and Functions
Arithmetic Sequence - Part 1
Arithmetic Sequence - Part 2

Day 5 – July 8 – Friday – Chapter 5 – Linear Functions

5.1 Rate of Change and Slope
Slope - Part 1
Slope - Part 2
Slope - Part 3

5.2 Direct Variation
Intro to Direct Variation

5.3 Slope – Intercept Form
Intro to Slope - Intercept

I know this is more than what we have done, but we only have so many days to get ALL of the Algebra 1 course in. We need to stay on pace and the responsibility is yours to come to class prepared!

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